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James Chiropractic Clinic, PC also known as Fort Worth Spine and Disc Center is a fully equipped state of the art facility focused on restoring health and wellness to the spine and disc.  The latest methods of treatment, including non-surgical spinal decompression, laser treatments for disc problems, and a full program for chronic knee pain. 

Dr. James is also offering Brain-based Therapy, which has proven successful in many conditions, including Fibromyalgia, dizziness, and chronic fatigue syndromes.  

Wellness lifestyle classes are offered to round off a complete health program.

This clinic offers quality services for the whole family.  Infants, children, teens, athletes, accident victims, women in pregnancy, failed back surgeries, elderly, are among the thousands that have benefited since 1988 from treatment at James Chiropractic Clinic, PC.


  • A Caring, Family-Like Atmosphere

    A Caring, Family-Like Atmosphere

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